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At the young age of thirty three, Josh Nemeth died during an early morning training run, a few weeks before he planned to begin bootcamp in Virginia. Being a member of the military had been a lifelong dream for him. Though he faced obstacles, he was persistent, and worked hard to make the JAG corps a reality.

In remembering Josh, we often think of how he challenged us to be our best selves, even if it wasn't easy or comfortable. He dared us to pursue our passions without delay. He told us to embrace – not complain about – the difficulties along the way. In his mind, these challenges would help us learn more about ourselves, and make the accomplishment much sweeter! Simply put, "If you're going to do it, do it."

To commemorate his memory, we are challenging ourselves to "Do Something" on November 15th, and we invite you to join us.

By "Do Something", we don't mean "I'll start an exercise program this year", or "I'll start my own business this year" (though those are all worthy goals!). On November 15th, we are planning to accomplish one specific, concrete task. We are crossing just one item off the ever-present "to-do list".

Is there a friend with whom who you've been meaning to reconnect? Is there someone you've been meaning to thank, or apologize to? How long have you wanted to volunteer in an animal shelter for the day, or send a package to someone in the military? How about all the clothes you've been meaning to put in the donation box?

If you "Do something" on November 15th, we'd love for you to share it with the group, by registering on the site. Of course, while you're "Doing Something" please think of Josh, and imagine his dimply smile. He'll be so proud of you.