2016-11-17 09:26:00
Due to time conflicts, and impossible scheduling I use my bedside manner to keep my patients at ease. On 11/15 my "do something" was being on call for the cardiac cath lab. I got called in for a patient with a very sever heart attack. For those in the medical field he had tomestones, with runs of V-tach. Being an ER nurse, as well as a cardiac cath nurse I used my knowledge, empathy, and kindness keeping my patient and his family feeling safe during this major life event. He was very nervous, and thought he was "going to die." My cath team and I kept him calm, and confident that everything was going to be ok. This was one of the more severe cases you don't want someone to give up hope. Many times I felt he wasn't going to make it, but didn't let it show. His blood pressure was dropping, his heart rate was racing, and at one point stopped. We stayed strong and kept him alive. He is now recovering in a step down unit, and going to be discharged tomorrow. All he could remember is that he kept hearing me say "you're doing great, don't move, and the procedure is going well." The last thing he remembered before waking up in ICU was "stay with me (name), it's not your time yet." I may not be good at a lot of things, but I am good at my job, which is reflected on my patients. It turns out this patient was a father friend of my neighbor, and they were so thankful for the cardiac team that took care of him.
2016-11-16 10:38:38
Coordinated a school-wide service learning day for K-12 students and staff. Great things happened from 8:15 am until 5 p.m. Way to go Mooseheart! Thanks for presenting Dr. Nemeth...
2016-11-16 10:36:57
Took Mooseheart HS students and staff top Feed My Starving Children in Aurora 11/15/16. We packed over 13,000 packets of food over a 4 hour period. 361 boxes...
2016-11-16 10:32:39
Our family is going to rake the leaves for our neighbors and pitch in and shovel their driveways and sidewalks when it snows this week! Thanks for keeping us motivated Josh!
2016-11-16 08:47:18
Yesterday I stayed after to help students with a special "outside of school" project, something I don't always make time for. I'm sure this is something Josh did all the time!
2016-11-15 22:50:32
Every year I say "we need to have all the neighbors over" for an open house or a barbecue or a holiday party, but never do. This year, I am going to do it.
2016-11-15 19:35:41
Today I signed up with a local church to prepare and deliver meals to the Homebound on Thanksgiving Day.
2016-11-15 08:11:29
Below are the "challenges" Mooseheart Child City and School are doing today. 1. MS Boys are going to complete yard work for 2 homes with senior citizens 2. Entire HS student body is going to complete a shift at FMSC 3. Art class decorated the inside of US Postal boxes being sent to MH Alumni as care package for holidays 4. 4th graders are doing Operation Christmas Child and creating get well cards for those in need. 5. K, 5th graders are doing a trash pickup on campus and writing Thank You Letters 6. 5th graders are completing a “Cheerio Challenge”. 7. All classes are using the opportunity to talk about the why and how of “Service Learning”.
2016-11-15 08:04:39
Trying to get better at staying in touch with people. I spent the weekend hand writing 15 notes to friends. I am usually better about staying in tough, reaching out, etc. This is a good reminder to be a better friend!
2016-11-15 07:37:26
I will make a friend this year of a different nationality and get to know his/her culture. This will increase my perspective and ability to better empathize with others. I challenge you to do the same.
2016-11-15 05:34:52
For "Do Something Day" today, I'm going home to spend some time with my mom and help her clean for my grandma's arrival tomorrow afternoon. Since Mr. Nemeth died I have since gotten engaged, and spent less time with my family. Today I want to make a promise to spend more time with my family.
2016-11-14 12:58:10
This weekend, I am cleaning out our house and donating all items to the VFW.
2016-11-14 07:54:59
For Do Something Day, I will treat a needy person to a warm breakfast or lunch, and treat them with dignity as I am sure Josh would have done!
2016-11-13 20:17:45
Dear Patti, Joe and all my Dear Nieces and Nephews In honor of Josh, Lucy and I are going shopping for Fleece material on Do Something Day-11/15. On Saturday 11/19 we will go to Mary Seat of Wisdom Church and participate in making Blankets for the Homeless. We are both looking forward to the day and will remember Josh and all of you this week. Miss you Josh! Love, Aunt Nancy and Lucy
2016-11-10 18:08:34
I am finally going to get moving on my plan to get into be better shape!
2016-11-06 18:43:02
I will run through Oak Park in memory of Josh.
2016-11-06 00:00:00

Josh loved his Oak Park community.  This year I'm going to reach out to some neighbors we do not know well and invite them to dinner.  

2016-11-04 05:55:07
This year for Do Something Day, I am organizing a monthly service project for Joshua's Homeschool Group. For October, we made cookies and Thank You Notes for the local Fire Department.
2016-10-21 14:03:58
As a family, we will be working for World Relief cleaning vans used for the homeless.
2016-10-16 19:03:45
I'm going to start writing again. It's something that I loved doing and stoped.
2016-09-18 18:05:35
Loved my experience at FEED THE STARVING CHILDREN-for you Josh!
2016-08-28 18:51:58
I am going to connect with an old friend.
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